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Capcom Digital Downloads
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1 year ago  ::  Mar 03, 2020 - 6:44AM #1
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Remember dead rising 4, RE6, street fighter 5 launch ? ^ Before capcom was known for being greedy with LOTS of day 1 DLC for any game they released. They still do it but they really took a step down.

Since RE7, they released few games a year, but damn ... They are ****ing generous. Lots of content, amazing visual (I ****ing love the RE engine, so beautuful and versatile), top notch gameplay that's both modern and nostalgic. No loot box (even in mhw, a loot base game as a service from 2018. Wow!) , no micro transaction and they sell lots of copy. I'm so glad players are rewarding the way they make games now.

Before i was only looking forward for new games from Platinum, from software and nintendo to keep it short. But now I can't wait for any new announcements from (RE8, dead rising 5, dragon's dogma 2, new IP, anything...) . Man, I really hope that they keep on going like that for a long time. The rest of the gaming industry might take example on capcom.

(french dude here, sry if I made mistakes)

1 year ago  ::  Mar 12, 2020 - 10:26AM #2
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This tremendous gaming company with long history of making games, Capcom knows how to make great remakes. Other developers need to learn this. All of their games, products and customer service are aces!

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